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Advertisers FAQ

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Payment Methods:
Bank Wire Transfer - For details Contact us at Admin(at) / My status

How much does it cost to advertise with ?

You alone choose how much to pay for advertising. You are in full control of bids and you can specify the budget and its timeframe and spending. For example, you set daily budget limits and even the specific maximum bid you are ready to pay per click. Keep in mind that higher the bid, the better position you get on our Publisher network partners' websites.

What is the minimum deposit you should start with?

Once you open an Advertiser account, you should add a minimum deposit of $10 initially to start advertising on You do not have time limits to spend your budget. Payments are done through PayPal, AlertPay or Bank wire transfer and the main currency accepted into is U.S. Dollars.

Where are my ads being displayed?

Your advertising will be displayed on the Publishers' websites within PPC network. Our system algorithms will analyze the content of advertising and display it on the proper contextually related website within network.

How much time does it take for my ads to be displayed?

Once signed up with you can set up your initial advertising campaign. Usually your ad campaingn/s will be approved immediately. The ads will be displayed right away after approval on our publishers' websites. Whether the campaigns are instantly approved depends on whether you have met the following requirements:

- Your account should have enough of a balance for the chosen campaign.

- You specify a date range for your campaign/s and when they should be delivered. Please make sure the date you specify is the current or a future date. If you select a date in the past, your advertising will not appear online.

- The Minimum CPC Bid you bid should be equal to or higher than other advertisers who are bidding in the same contextual category. You can check what is appropriate to bid by clicking the link : "View Recommended CPC." Then you may bid the same or higher amount than the suggested bid.

Once your ad campaign/s meet all the 3 requirements then your ads should immediately be displayed on Publishers network websites.

What Advertising methods can I use?

Channels (also referred to as Zones) are used to segment your service. For example, a content advertising network could segment its network into content classes. A search engine could segment its offerings to Featured Results (top), Sponsored Results (side), and Highlighted Results (bottom).

Why are my ads not getting any impressions?

Usually ad campaigns are approved immediately, and will instantly be displayed on Publishers' websites within a matter of minutes after they are created. The will be approved once they meet the following requirements:

- Account should be loaded with enough of a balance for the chosen campaign.

- The date you specified has to be the correct date range for the campaign to be displayed - today or future date. Please be careful not to select a date in the past. The default is that you do not need to set up a date on your own and then the ads will be displayed immediately. If you need to set up specific date, please use "FROM" & "TO" options.

- The Minimum CPC Bid should be equal to or higher than other advertisers bidding in the same contextual category. To get an idea of what that is, click the link : "View Recommended CPC." Then you will know the least amount that you should bid or higher. "View Recommended CPC" button does not give away the current highest bid, but it will give you a good bid suggestion to get your ads immediately displayed. The frequency in which your ads will be displayed depends on the number of Advertisers that bid higher than you for the same category. The highest bid amount for the Minimum CPC Bid will lead to the most frequency of your ads displaying on Publishers' websites.

Why my ads are getting very few clicks even though I receive thousands of impressions?

This depends on you. But we found these solutions to the usual mistakes of our Advertisers to help you out :

- Rewrite your advertising with more interesting and catchy content.

- Add images to your ads. Many advertisers miss the opportunity to add images to their ads.

What can I do to get the highest number of impressions?

- You should bid the highest amount in the Maximum CPC.

- Select ( show my ad with any keywords ) while composing the ad campaign.

Can I advertise on adult content websites?

Our PPC Contextual Network does NOT allow adult content. That is why we do not have such a category to choose from.

How is preventing fraudulent actions? is up to date with the latest technology system that includes 24/7 support monitoring and smart algorithms that analyze every click and displayed impressions to verify the quality of traffic from our Publishers' websites to our Advertisers' campaigns. The system automatically filters any invalid clicks or fraudulent / fake traffic clicks with our high end IP geo location , contextual checking and scripts secure solutions.